Become a Member

This page and form is only for NEW members or those rejoining after membership has lapsed.

An Approved membership application to one of the most dynamic notariats in the common law world – entitles members to:

  • Adopt the post-nominals “FSNV” – Fellow of the Society of Notaries of Victoria,
  • Licence to use the SNV logo,
  • Membership prices for events,
  • CPD points,
  • Practice notes,
  • Networking with SNV members,
  • Mentoring,
  • Notice of Australian and overseas conferences; and
  • Many other benefits.

Your application must be then approved by the Council should you meet the criteria. The application will require documentary proofs which will be outlined.

For practising notaries

To become a member, simply apply by completing in as much detail as possible the form below with all your details and outline your membership request in the message section – only if you are an admitted notary in Victoria.

For VU notary students

From 4 June 2019, the SNV Council introduced a Student Membership category.

Fill in the membership form and in the field Date admitted as a notary in Victoria (required) – write “TBA”.