About Us

The Society of Notaries of Victoria is one of the oldest continuous societies in Australia.

The Society represents the practising Notaries Public in Victoria. Notaries are an ancient branch of the legal profession who have special knowledge and experience in matters which cross international boundaries.

The Find a Member link will take you to lists of our members.

Like other legal professionals, notaries rely on their clients to provide them with all of the factual details necessary to find a solution to their needs. Usually this will include details of your passport, address and particulars of your foreign documents.

All of these documents will need to be produced to the notary in the course of a transaction and you must present them personally to the notary.

All information to be found on this site is provided by the notaries themselves, and is necessarily general. If you have a specific query, you should raise it with a notary during the consultation.

Council Members

Mr Michael Bula
(03) 9347 8333
Vice President
Mr Philip Earle
(03) 9642 2270
Honorary Secretary
Mr Adewale Oladejo
(03) 9863 7732
Mr Eugene Naidoo
(03) 9762 2094
Immediate Past President
Mr John Pearce
(03) 9607 9324
Prof Peter Zablud
(03) 9670 4222
Mr Joseph Lukaitis
(03) 9819 5515
Ms Gayle Neville-Hill
0438 369 563
Ms Georgia Grammenos
0422 375 299
Mr Tony French
(03) 9387 2944

Life Members

Life SNV Member
Prof Phillip Hamilton

Life SNV Member
Mr Alexander Garsa