What is a Notary?

A notary public in Victoria is a senior lawyer who is responsible for certifying and attesting documents intended for use anywhere in the world.

The Society represents the practising Notaries Public in Victoria. It assists members of the public, government and institutions with general enquiries about aspects of notarial practice as well as the location of notaries in Victoria.

Notarial practice includes the following functions:

  • Certification of statutory declarations, powers of attorney, contracts, international wills and other documents for use internationally.
  • Certification of copy documents for use in Australia and internationally for example passports, educational qualifications and birth, death and marriage certificates.
  • Certification of original documents for production overseas, witness affidavits, administering of oaths for use internationally.
  • Notarisation of Consent to Travel Document (for when a child is travelling without one or both parents)

Next Steps

In order for the document to be acceptable overseas, it may require an apostille that can only be obtained from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Notaries can advise you about these requirements. You will generally need to:

  1. Provide the notary with your original identification documents together with your address
  2. Sign and complete the document in the presence of a notary.
  3. Present the document to the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (by appointment or by mail) to get an apostille, and pay the fee of $81 for a single sheet

What does it cost?

The fees charged by notaries are discretionary, but there is a recommended scale of minimum charges. When you contact a notary he/she will advise you of the relevant fee.